Biden Claims Victory Over Donald Trump


Natasha Lichtwar, Sports Editor

Keeping America under control with the current coronavirus pandemic and social unrest as the President is a difficult job to pursue, making the 2020 Presidential election an important one.

As of right now, Biden holds 306 electoral votes while Trump has 232. With 74 more electoral votes for Biden than Trump, Biden has claimed victory. 

The primary states for success in the Presidential election included Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. Of these states, Biden won every state except Florida. However, the votes in these states between Trump and Biden were remarkably close. To put this into perspective, Biden won Georgia by only two percent.

Although there was a decent gap in the electoral votes between Biden and Trump, many believe that there may have been voter fraud present throughout the nation, especially in swing states. 

The California Institute of Technology conducted a series of tests regarding voter confidence and perceptions of election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. About 58% of American registered voters were confident about the administration of this fall’s election, leaving the remaining 39% who lacked confidence. The low level of confidence raises concern regarding the election’s legitimacy. 

Furthermore, 97% of Biden supporters were confident that their vote counted as intended. On the other hand, 84% of Trump voters believed that their vote was validly cast.

Despite whether people believe that there was voter fraud in this election, the turnout leaves Joe Biden as the 46th President of the U.S. and Kamala Harris as the first female Vice President of America. 

When Biden takes office starting on January 20th, 2021, he plans to implement mask mandates across the nation and discuss with mayors and governors on enforcing more COVID-19 restrictions. 

Additionally, there will be an increased number of drive-through Covid-19 testing and instant tests, according to the Biden-Harriss official transition website.

In hopes of keeping the country stable with all the current chaos, Biden and Harris plan on putting more COVID-19 precautions into effect to keep America safe.  


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