The Covid-19 Pandemic Sweeps Massapequa High School


No one could predict the new way of life that was going to come with COVID-19. The virus came fast and spread everywhere. Everyone in the world has been affected by COVID-19. For Massapequa High School, that started with the closing of the school. 

Massapequa School District experienced what is now known as their last day of school, on Friday, March 13, 2020. After that, the school transitioned into an online learning environment. Students at MHS are fortunate enough to have Chromebooks assigned to them that they were able to take home and make the at-home learning a little easier. However, this was not the way that students were looking to end the school year. “Like a winter snow day, it was unique and different at first, but soon became tiresome,” said Mr. Conboy, Massapequa’s former principal, about how he saw a change in morale with students. However, he also explained the newfound respect he had for his staff and students as he watched them step up to this new level of maturity that was needed to live through a pandemic. 

The staff of MHS was just as affected as the students. Staff pulled together to try and create the best virtual learning environment for their students despite many having family concerns of their own going on which required their time and attention. “ It has been a balancing act by all involved, “ said Mr. Conboy.

On the other hand, the seniors of the class of 2020 irrefutable felt the hardest loss of anyone. These students had the remainder of their senior year stolen from them by something that was totally out of their control. MHS did everything they could to make the year special for these students. MHS put out signs on the lawn displaying the names of all 2020 graduates thanks to the donations of some students’ parents. MHS was also able to host a graduation for the students at Tobay Beach. Students arrived in their cars with their families, when their name was called they walked across the stage where they received their diplomas. 

The devoted staff worked all summer trying to come up with a virtual learning system for the students. However, with everyone’s life-changing so drastically it was difficult to set up a constant distance learning schedule. As we come into a new school year, a lot of time and effort has been put into the new hybrid learning environment. 

Students have been online since March and are now finally getting the opportunity to come back to school. This new hybrid schedule translates into students coming into school for two days and then being online for two days. The days alternate during the week and students are split based on students’ last name.

MHS hopes that school can slowly start to get back normal. As of right now, students will be returning to school full time starting October 19th. The number of cases in our district has remained low and the board has voted for this to be a safe return. Desk shields and masks will be staying for the foreseeable future but students are excited to be back to school with everyone.

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