MHS Chosen for Prestigious Blue Ribbon Award

Liam Higgins, Editor-in-Chief

Of the tens of thousands of schools across the country, Massapequa High School was chosen to be one of the few to receive the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award.
The annual Blue Ribbon Award recognizes excellence in education and exceptional academic standards and is awarded to the top schools in the country.
“It’s a distinction that represents the tremendous work, efforts, and talent that are reflected in our students and staff. It also connects to our relations with the community,” Principal Mr. DiClemente said.
The National Blue Ribbon Program is a federal program through the Department of Education that selects schools to receive this honor.
For a public school to be considered for this award, it must first be nominated by the Chief State School Officer in its respective state. In addition to being nominated, each school must meet certain measurable performance targets as defined by its state.
United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced the 342 winners of the highly-coveted award on September 28, and these winners included only four other schools from Long Island.
“I’m really proud of our school. The Blue Ribbon Award is only issued to less than one percent of the schools in the United States,” Mr. Diclemente said. “[There are] over 130,000 schools [in the country], and only 342 were honored this year. We were one of 43 high schools in the nation, and there were only three other high schools that served more students than us.”
This is a highly impressive feat, especially considering the difficulty of providing quality academic resources to such a large student body. Nevertheless, MHS has proven that it is able to not only take on this challenge, but excel at it as well.
Social Studies teacher Mrs. Hayes attended the Blue Ribbon ceremony in Washington D.C. with Mr. DiClemente.
“I was very proud to accept the award for Massapequa High School on behalf of all of the teachers and staff, who work extremely hard to provide a great education to all of our students,” Mrs. Hayes said. “I was grateful to Mr. DiClemente for the opportunity to attend.”
The distinction represents the success of the students and faculty in fostering a positive learning environment for all, and everyone at Massapequa should be proud of this accomplishment.

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