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A report on Mr. DiClemente’s first 100 days in office

Alexandra Doulos, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Everyone can appreciate all of the positive changes that have taken place since September, from changes in the administrative team to the upcoming changes to the science wings to the changes in the athletic complex. Just as the president of the United States oversees many of the changes and additions to the nation, Principal Patrick DiClemente is integral in the changes and additions being made to MHS.  

Students are not the only ones looking forward to using the new facilities.  “I’m excited about the construction because the students and community deserve a school building that matches the success of the programs and the students’ success,” Principal DiClemente said.

During the week of March 13, excavation of the field and tennis courts began. Sports teams that normally use the field for spring athletics will be relocated, which Mr. DiClemente admits will be an inconvenience, but definitely worth it once completed. Among the additions will be brand new tennis courts, additional parking that will run almost the width of the school, a new baseball field, and [a] new football field[s]. The track itself will remain unaffected until the summer so that gym classes and spring track may use it unencumbered.  

As for indoor renovations, about 30 science labs are being updated and 2 new prep rooms are being installed. All of the construction will take place in the evenings and on the weekends so as to not disrupt classes.    

Formerly the principal of the high school’s Ames campus, Mr. DiClemente has had a great opportunity to see past students again-some for only one year, but many for two or three.  “I have enjoyed reconnecting with students from past years because, in the past, I didn’t have a chance to see students in upcoming years,” Mr. DiClemente said.

This year has been full of MHS sharing its ways with other school districts. “I’ve gained an appreciation the for the entire community and come to appreciate that we are a dynamic place.  Just this year, we’ve hosted four to five teams of people from other school districts who have come to observe the students and staff because of the reputation of MHS and they have been impressed with the students and the incredible work they have done.”

Mr. DiClemente looks forward to coming to work every day because of the values that MHS embodies.  “I am really proud of the people, the students, the staff, and what the students and staff can do together,” he said. “I like that the place I come to everyday is a place where the people can come together and support one another in good times and hard times when people need support.  That strength as a school community makes me proud.”

Mr. DiClemente encourages students to become more involved in the school and community, especially in events like Awareness Week. “Awareness Week and being aware is something we all have to grasp.  I encourage students to sit in on assemblies and encourage students to present themselves to staff and people in the community.”

Mr. DiClemente urges students to become proactive and “stand up as leaders and advocates of themselves and causes.”  

Over the summer, Mr. DiClemente said that he was looking forward to being the principal of a full-scale high school and, so far, he has taken advantage of every opportunity it has to offer.

“My family and I enjoyed the school musical.” Mr. DiClemente said. “I’ve sat in on classes that reflect different areas of study. I’ve seen students involved in sophisticated research partnering with the community in specific careers, and also students who have special needs that are demonstrating tremendous success.”

Mr. DiClemente anticipates the same exciting end of the year activities all students are also waiting for, including the spring recognition ceremonies, awards nights, induction ceremonies, proms, and graduation.

He looks at these fun social events as rewards for all that students have accomplished throughout the year and, for seniors, all of their years of school.  “All of these events are well deserved for students to culminate a positive year and a job well done.”

With that being said, Mr. DiClemente wishes to impart some advice to students as we approach the spring: “Even though it seems late in the year, so much of your academic grade remains unresolved.  You still have a chance to add to your yearly averages and you still have a chance for a great finish.”  

On that motivational note, Mr. DiClemente wishes students luck for the remainder of the school year.

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A report on Mr. DiClemente’s first 100 days in office