Foreign language festival: a night of culture, travel, and food

Kaitlyn Lucey, Editor-in-Chief

Students with the desire to travel around the world did not have to look far to do it, as Massapequa High School’s Foreign Language Festival gave them the opportunity to do so.

On March 16, 2016, Massapequa’s L.O.T.E department hosted the annual Foreign Language Festival, bringing large crowds and teaching attendees about foreign culture and languages.

“I think the kids had a great time at the foreign language festival,” junior and National Art Honor Society volunteer Emily Fasano said. “It helped them learn about different cultures in a fun way.”

Equipped with “passports,” children and their parents traveled from decorated classroom to decorated classroom and participated in student-run activities in order to learn about various cultures. They definitely had a plethora of choices that matched the district’s broad language offerings— Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and ASL (American Sign Language) were all represented.

Want to eat delicious crepes in “France” or decorate gingerbread in “Germany”? What about making your own Guatemalan worry doll? It was all possible at this year’s Foreign Language Festival, mainly due to the fantastic level of volunteerism provided by MHS students.

Indeed, without student participation, it is likely that the Foreign Language Festival would not have been such a success. Each classroom was seemingly packed with costumed students teaching children about the country they were representing. Additionally, volunteers from the National Art Honor Society contributed to the spirit of international culture that was present at the event by painting flags on the faces of attendees.

Perhaps everyone’s favorite part of the Foreign Language Festival was the food. Tables in MHS’ dual cafeterias were practically overflowing during the event. In addition to catering from Chinese and Italian restaurants, many students chose to bring in food representing the culture of choice.

“It was amazing to see all the food at the festival,” senior Victoria Remi, who takes ASL (American Sign Language) said. “It really represented so many different cultures…which was in line with the spirit of the event.”

Although the food and arts-and-crafts were fun additions to the event, the true purpose remained clear: education and appreciation of world cultures. Many of those who attended were too young to begin learning languages— district students begin learning a language when they transition to Berner Middle School— yet perhaps they were able to get a head start on which one they may like to take in the future. In a world that is increasingly international, the very essence of communication— language— is vital. Giving young students the opportunity to explore different languages and cultures before they make their decision on what language they want to learn is invaluable.

Ultimately, the shining success of the Foreign Language Festival is representative of MHS’ thriving language instruction. It goes without saying that this night full of culture, language, and fun is just another stamp on Massapequa’s passport to excellence.

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