Students ‘Get Down to Business’ Despite Covid-19


Students at Massapequa High School are fortunate to have a multitude of options to take business classes throughout their years here. Some of those classes include marketing, accounting, business education, and so many more. 

Many of these classes are taught by Ms. Adrienne Scamardella who began her teaching career in September 2000 as a teacher at MHS. In 2011, Ms. Scamardella left MHS to teach business classes at Berner Middle School, teaching sixth to eighth grade. She later transferred back to MHS in 2018 to continue teaching high school students. 

The business classes here at Massapequa High School, allow students to work in groups and create business plans for companies they may start one day in the future, they “discuss careers and career ideas, internships, part-time jobs, volunteering opportunities, “Ms. Scamardella said. 

Students get a variety of opportunities when enrolled in the business class, such as working with merchandise from the Trading Post school store, getting involved in real-life experiences with people working in the field, Northwell Health field trip to Marketing offices, NY Jets Sports business day field trip to Metlife Stadium, and the Adelphi Apprenticeship Program. The knowledge by hands-on experience from these classes will follow students to college allowing them to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marketing, or Accounting. 

These events looked a little different this year due to Covid-19. For example, students in Ms. Scamardella’s college marketing class recently competed in a virtual version of the Adelphi Apprenticeship Challenge. This event challenged the students to come up with an approach to get students and parents more involved in Jovia credit union. The students created slide presentations which they presented through Zoom to executives working at Jovia and staff at Adelphi University. 

Also, students across all the business classes had the opportunity to participate in Business Education Day sponsored by Junior Achievement. In past years, MHS has invited guest speakers to come into classrooms to speak, this year it was through Google Meet. It was still “an awesome opportunity for students to hear people speak about their careers and how they got there, what they love about it and offer advice to students,” Ms. Scamerdella described. 

The business classes here at MHS offered so many opportunities for students to discover what future career they want to have. Many of these classes base their curriculum on one question, “What will I be doing in 10 years?”. This question gets students thinking about the job market, their future career, and how they plan to get there.“We try to have the business classes help students figure out what direction they want to head for a career,” Ms. Scamerdella said. MHS has so much for students to discover, take advantage of it!Hands on Business | Students get firsthand business experience through Adelphi's apprentice program

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