MHS Unite and Show Their School Pride

Chistina Mullan and Amy Donohue

In October, the Massapequa Public School District decided to try and bring some joy into our school communities during this trying time, and have their annual Spirit Week! Students from Kindergarten through grade twelve expressed their spirit throughout the week, but the high school students did a particularly great job in engaging their energy into amazing spirit wear.
Monday, October 19th, the theme was “Proud to be American”, students showed their patriotic side by wearing red, white, and blue. Many students wore American flag face masks to participate in the fun! It is with great pride that students wore their nations colors despite any social or political tensions that have come to light this past year, and to be a part of it felt like an honor.
Tuesday, October 20th, the students and staff showed their spirit by participating in “Twin Tuesday”. Many students participated with their friends and wore the same outfit. Even the Administrators participated by matching outfits!
Wednesday, October 21st, the theme was “Unity Day- Orange you glad we are all back together?” Many students and faculty wore orange to show our unification as a team. Students wore orange masks, orange shirts, and even orange pants! We finally got to celebrate that even though we had been apart for a while, we were finally all back together, learning under one roof!
Thursday, October 22, was immersed in bright colors for MHS. Tie-dye shirts and seniors wore customized senior shirts throughout MHS! Senior shirts are curated by seniors who choose to design neat shirts and match with their friend group. There were such creative t-shirts and sweatshirts, everyone looked great!
Friday, October 23 was Blue and Gold day. The wave of blue filled the hallways and this year began to feel like years past. Although students will miss the chance to participate in pep rally and homecoming this fall, MHS student body has been enthusiastic through this time, showing the world its bright spirit in the great colors of blue and gold.

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