Massapequa Goes Virtual…Again

Massapequa Goes Virtual...Again

Mackenzie White, Editor-in-Chief

Students and parents received an email a few weeks before winter break stating the entire Massapequa school district would be conducting distance learning for the three days before school let out for the calendar year. 

A majority of the students at MHS look forward to these few days before break because it’s typically filled with festive music, films, and even some lessons. However, most of these activities would be difficult to accomplish with the entire student body logging into classes from home. 

This school year has certainly been a unique one. Students are beginning to adapt to masks, desk shields, and other restrictions that have come about due to Covid-19. Also, many clubs are feeling the effects of these restrictions, one being the broadcasting club. “What we’ve only ever known is being in class, working on computers, and using Adobe for our projects and broadcast”, Patrick Gillespie, broadcast intern, and MHS senior, said. 

The most noticeable absence would be the music played in-between periods which was done by the members of the broadcasting club here at the high school. This usually takes place the day before the break but had to be changed due to the closing. “Since Covid, we’ve been working harder than ever to learn other sources such as WeVideo to continue giving quality productions and information,” Patrick Gillespie said. 

Through adapting and hard work, broadcasting was able to keep some sense of normalcy when they played holiday songs in between the periods on the Friday before the break. While not all students were in school to hear it, the ones who were certainly appreciated. 

Furthermore, all students at MHS were offered the option of going temporarily virtual for the week prior to Winter Break. Students would begin online school on December 11 and then would return back to school on January 4 with the rest of the student body. 

Many students took advantage of this option and MHS has announced they will allow students to extend if they so choose.“I thought that it would be a good idea to go online before the break since the cases are starting to rise again,” MHS junior, Jillian Sampson said. A poll through The Chief’s Instagram revealed that 70% of the voters were participating in the temporary virtual option. 

On the other hand, many students still choose to stick to traditional school before the holidays. “I enjoy school in person rather than online because I can focus better and get to actually interact with my peers and teachers whereas if I were at home you don’t really get to make that connection,” MHS senior Grace Schafer said. 


Students were offered the opportunity to spend another two weeks virtual starting January 4 with a return on January 19 which about 750 students here at MHS have taken advantage of.

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