A Massapequa legend returns to his high school roots


Mackenzie White, Copy Editor

As Massapequa was featured in many hit TV shows, including Seinfeld, Friends, and Saturday Night Live, many alumni have grown to become Massapequa royalty. One of these royals is Alec Baldwin, who visited Massapequa High School on November 7. During the visit, he conducted research for a documentary he is currently filming. 

Baldwin is a Massapequa alumnus who graduated Berner High School in 1976. While attending Berner, he lived in Nassau Shores. As many are aware, the streets are in alphabetical order, an order that Baldwin can still recite to this day and he did so for the high school’s administration.

 Later in life, Alec Baldwin and his brothers donated the money needed to renovate the auditorium, which they named after Baldwin’s late father, Alexander Baldwin. Who was a longtime social studies teacher and a well known figure in Massapequa.

“He was here because he was working on a documentary about friendship,” Principal Mr. Brian Conboy said. “Baldwin couldn’t have been nicer,” Baldwin went as far as to ask the district for permission to film the documentary in his home town and reminisced about his past high school experiences.

He filmed a majority of his content on the football field which is full of Massapequa’s school pride. The main focus of this documentary is friendship and how it grows and changes as people get older. Baldwin knew he could not film this without coming back to his roots. 

While at the field, Baldwin posed questions to the administration about who their true friends were. He also proceeded to ask whether any of them had stayed in touch with anyone from high school. When administration asked Baldwin the same questions, he responded by telling them that he did in fact keep in contact with his high school best friend. 

When speaking with Mr. Conboy, the topic of Baldwin’s success was not forgotten. “He did really well as an actor,” Conboy said. One may have seen Baldwin as he has appeared in big screen features such as The Cat in the Hat, The Boss Baby, Beetlejuice, 30 Rock and many more. 

But what really spiked Baldwin’s popularity was his numerous appearances on Saturday Night Live (SNL). According to NBC News, he holds the record for hosting SNL more times than anyone, coming in at an astonishing 17 different episodes.

 Baldwin has been asked back to the show many times because of his popular Donald Trump impression that has captured the attention of the president and SNL fans on more than one occasion. His impression has become so well known that one can even find tweets on the President’s Twitter account regarding the sketches that Baldwin was involved in. 

Students who were at the school at the time had the opportunity to go down to the field and take some photos. Massapequa’s field hockey team interrupted their practice to meet Baldwin. Massaepqua now has numerous photos of staff and students meeting him to always remember the day.

Baldwin knew he could not film a documentary about friendship without coming back to where it all began for him, Massapequa High School.

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