School nurse Mrs. Fink bids farewell to her time at MHS

Liam Higgins, 2017-2018 Editor-In-Chief


After working for 20 years in the Massapequa School District, including six years in MHS, Mrs. Christine Fink embarks on a new journey as she enters into her retirement.


Ever since she was young, Mrs. Fink has had a passion for helping others feel better.


“I love taking care and nurturing the students that come into my office,”  Mrs. Fink said.


Prior to working at MHS, she spent time at Lockhart Elementary School, where she took care of students who are now seniors at MHS.


“Seeing all of the kids I knew at Lockhart grow up is such a rewarding experience,” she said. “It gives me a sense of self-worth.”


After her time at Lockhart, she began working at Berner Middle School and then found her home at MHS. She has found her time as a school nurse to be a fulfilling experience and enjoys making sure that students are treated with the utmost care.


“It’s all about the students, making sure they’re in a safe, healthy environment,” she said.


Among her favorite memories, one that stands out to her as truly fulfilling is her involvement with the Empire Games. She finds it rewarding to work with the CCC kids at the Games and to watch them accomplish their goals.


One of her accomplishments as a school nurse has been to “make a difference in students’ lives and in the community and to make people feel better about themselves when they come into the office.”


For Mrs. Fink, her retirement offers exciting new opportunities, but she will also miss much of what made MHS home to her.


“I’m going to miss my colleagues, my friends, and being able to care for everybody,” she said.


Looking forward to her bright future, Mrs. Fink hopes to travel during her retirement. She plans on going on a European river cruise and traveling to her favorite place—Disney World.


But Mrs. Fink is not done with helping others. She hopes to carry her spirit of generosity into her retirement by volunteering at an animal shelter.


Massapequa will certainly miss such a beloved school nurse as she embarks on a new chapter of her life.

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