Registered nurse Mrs. Muller checks out of MHS

Alex Carmenaty, Staff Writer

Another Nurse is hanging up her thermometer. Mrs. Susan Muller, R.N. is retiring after forty-two years of hard work and dedication to her career as a nurse. Registered nurse Mrs. Muller had worked at MHS for two and a half years, six years in the school district, and eighteen years at Grace Day School on Merrick Road before it closed down a few years back.


Mrs. Muller stated that she was excited to work here due to “Being with all the wonderful faculty, staff, and students.” Being an MHS graduate herself, Mrs. Muller enjoyed returning to the building and seeing students she worked with at Grace Day School.


Upon returning to MHS it took Mrs. Muller some time to adapt to the technology (i.e. PowerSchool) inputted at the school. This was especially challenging with PowerSchool since she “was used to handwriting all work since there was no technology at Grace Day School.”


Mrs. Muller has some retirement plans that everyone wants when they end their career, including spending time with family and friends. “I’m looking forward to enjoying my home and keeping up with things including some traveling and relaxing,” she said.  


Mrs. Muller will miss many different things from her time at MHS. Overall Mrs. Muller is going to miss “The contact with everyone at MHS” the most. “It has been a wonderful journey and I will truly miss my time here.”


Wishing you the best in the future for many years ahead.

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