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Rumors and conspiracy theories about the 2016 presidential candidates

Anthony Patruno, Staff Writer

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While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both found ways to earn their respective nominations for this year’s presidential election, there are many rumors and theories circulating about both candidates ranging from how legit their campaigns are to if the candidates are even trustworthy.  

Many of Mr. Trump’s scandals stem from his social views and economic plan for America.  Many ethnic and minority groups have expressed concerns regarding Mr. Trump’s racially motivated desire to construct a wall between Mexico and the United States.  

One specific theory about  Mr. Trump’s campaign is that he actually has no intention of becoming president and is just trying to help Mrs. Clinton get elected. The theory arose from several incidents that occurred during Trump’s campaign events. One such example is that every time the Democratic nominee says something during a rally or interview that people from the public or media don’t agree with, Donald will intentionally say something worse to take all the fire off Clinton and direct it on him.  According to some conspiracy theorists, Mr. Trump does this so it can make Hillary look like the better candidate when, in reality, many feel that they are both questionable choices for the presidency.

On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton’s scandals are generally more politically based than Mr. Trump’s. Clinton is accused of deleting over 30,000 emails on a private server dealing with government intel.

However, one exception is that during most of the campaign, Mrs. Clinton has been keeping her real medical records secret from the media and distributing false records because she has a very serious illness. This  theory started when Clinton was caught on camera stumbling and supposedly fainting on her way to her transport car at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City.  After being taken to the hospital., it was announced that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia, but some believe it’s much worse. Some have speculated that Clinton had a stroke at the memorial or that she is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

All of these rumors and theories associated with the race for the presidency beg the question: Does honesty even matter in politicians anymore?  Old aphorisms humorously quip about the corruption in which politicians often become embroiled, but perhaps they express a degree of truth and legitimacy.  “Not often are politicians are honest, however these are troubling times in the history of presidential candidates,” law teacher Mr. David Summers said.   

While the election is getting close and it seems to be fair game as to who will win, many theories and rumors continue to circle around both candidates, and newer, bigger stories continue to pop up.

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Rumors and conspiracy theories about the 2016 presidential candidates