Earth-friendly fashion companies

Katie Cresser, Copy Editor

While eco-friendly practices have seeped into various aspects of our daily lives, not many are aware of various clothing and accessory companies founded on the concept of “going green.” These companies vary in style and cost, but all have one thing in common: they provide fashionable clothing without taking away from the planet we rely on.

Synergy Clothing is one of the leaders of the green fashion movement. Founded by Kate Fisher and her husband Henry Schwab, Synergy Clothing aims to “create clothing that combines sustainability with modern yet timeless design,” according to their website,

Their line of women’s clothing, which ranges from dress and skirts to outerwear and yoga apparel, is made from organic Indian cotton and is colored using dye that is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. The garments are made by hand in Nepal and fully conform to fair trade standards.

Rodale’s, one of Synergy Clothing’s competitors, moves beyond the typical eco-friendly women’s fashion line to provide baby clothing, children’s toys and more. All their products conform to high standards which ensure that only the most environmentally friendly ingredients and materials are used during production.

In addition, many products feature certifications from organizations such as Ecocert, a certification body which prohibits the use of synthetic perfumes and call for recycled or biodegradable packaging.

Unfortunately for the eco-conscious consumer, many of the products offered by these companies charge heavily for their environmentally friendly peace of mind. These monstrous price tags, while justified by their sustainable status, have put these fashionable yet ecologically responsible garments out of reach for all but the most eco-fanatics.

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