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Is there a future actor or comedian in MHS? It worked for Jerry and Alec

Amie Bicocchi, Journalism Student

February 10, 2012

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Ever wonder what happens to your classmates after high school? Maybe they become teachers, lawyers, policemen… or maybe even a comedian or a world famous actor. Jerry Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin are two former Massapequa students who hav...

Do you have a case of the winter blues?

Nicole Plaia, Journalism Student

February 3, 2012

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Many people may experience a decrease of energy once the days get shorter and the temperature begins to drop, but a prolonged state of sadness in the winter time may be something more than just “winter-blues.” More and m...

The military has some history

Dominque DiBartolo, Journalism Student

December 23, 2011

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 When was the last time you heard from your friends or family? A few hours ago? Yesterday? Imagine not hearing from them for months, living in strange environments, and struggling to survive to protect your country. This is the...

Walking to find a cure

Walking to find a cure

November 2, 2011

Western Wednesday

September 21, 2011

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