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Red Sox Capture World Series Title

Julia Ruocchio, Staff Writer

November 27, 2018

On Tuesday October 23, 2018, the 114th annual Fall Classic kicked off between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Boston Red Sox, who represented the American League (AL), defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, who re...

A Tribute to Celia Cruz: The Queen of Latin Music

Alex Carmenaty, Business Manager

November 20, 2018

July 16, 2018 marked the fifteen-year anniversary of the death of Cuba's greatest singer and the undisputed Queen of Latin Music, Celia Cruz. She was more than an entertainer; she was a symbol of hope and of freedom. This is ...

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

Ryan Pagano, Staff Writer

November 20, 2018

“Bohemian Rhapsody” will likely go down as one of the greatest music films in recent memory. Why? Because the film is a success at the box office and has positive reviews among fans and critics. The movie is a biography about ...

The many losses in Sierra Burgess is a loser

Laura Francavilla and Sabrina Alberti, Managing Editor and Sports Editor

October 8, 2018

Netflix took the world by storm this year after releasing many hit original movies. One such movie is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and it was mainstreamed all over the country in a matter of days. Countless viewers fell ...

The highlights of gaming’s biggest convention

Billy Boye, Online Manager

October 8, 2018

Video games are a media that has been steadily rising over the past four decades. Starting all the way back in the days of Magnavox Odyssey and Atari, we now have advanced consoles such as the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. ...

Preview: Andrew Roberts’ Churchill: Walking with Destiny

Alex Carmenaty, Staff Writer

June 23, 2018

Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Britain, has been the subject of many books, the first one being published in 1905. This November, English historian Andrew Roberts will publish Churchill: Walking With Destiny a novel fo...

Review: Avengers: Infinity War soars to infinite success

Billy Boye, Copy Editor

June 23, 2018

When Marvel Studios released Iron Man (2008) to the world, it was the beginning of an entire cinematic universe that would span ten years of stories about classic superheroes. These heroes include, but are not limited to Captain...

Thor: Ragnorok smashes into theaters

William Boye and Laura Francavilla

November 24, 2017

The highly anticipated film, Thor: Ragnarok, was released in theaters worldwide on Friday, November 3, and has quickly been met with near universal praise. The overall tone of the movie takes a sharp turn from the image set...

Spider-Man Homecoming swings into the hearts of millions

Emily Harris, Staff Writer

October 13, 2017

The new smash hit, Spider-Man: Homecoming, hit theaters on Friday, July 7, and has received a lot of feedback since its premiere. Many fans were apprehensive about the idea of another Spider-Man film, but this thrilling sci-fi...

Miss Saigon

Leah Johnston, Copy Editor

June 13, 2017

It’s 1975 in Saigon, Vietnam. War has stuck the country and has left most citizens living in poverty. Many young women have no choice but to work in brothels to get by. These are places where American soldiers spend their f...

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