2017 Makeup trends

Emily Keuchler, Staff Writer

It’s a New Year, which is the perfect time for change just as the commonly known saying “New Year, new me.” suggests.  It is also the time where we all should look and feel our best. Makeup can be the best friend of a woman, allowing her to feel good about herself each morning when she applies it and enhances her inner beauty. Many makeup products, and trends, have been very popular over the course of each year, and this year we have a lot to pay attention to.

  • Highlighting is very trendy at the moment and it’s popularity will continue throughout the year 2017.  Highlighting is when you apply a highlighter, which could be found in a liquid or pressed powder form, to the high points of your face. You would apply this product where the sun would naturally hit and reflect off of your face, causing a faint, innocent glow, or layer to your liking for a more blinding sheen effect.

Two top highlighting products, that can be layered to create the perfect glow are..

  • Anastasia Glow Kits, which also come in a few different palette types to fit the consumer’s liking. 

  • Filling in eyebrows is also a very popular look at the moment, bringing us into the new year.  A few products that can be used to enhance the brow are a thick, gel pot, a pencil, or a gel.  With this method women can express themselves how they want, whether that be by having thick dark brows, or thin sparse eyebrows. With this new trend and these new products, everyone’s brows are sure to be on fleek and to their liking 24/7.

A couple awesome products for filling in brows are…

  • The Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil, – easy pencil-like product to fill in and define brows
  • Anastasia Dip Brow, – a more gel like product used with an angled brush to easily shade in the perfect brows
  • Tip: Follow the application of these products with any clear brow gel to hold them in place

With these two major makeup trends taking a ticket into our new year of 2017, we can all be sure to follow the trends and wear them to their best!  


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