Fall and Winter OOTDs

Mia LoCastro, Staff Writer

Now that the temperature is cooling down, you may still want to look and feel trendy. These are some outfits of the week to inspire your inner stylist to look your best.



Start off the week right with a casual but cute outfit. The light, long sleeve is perfect for the November brisk air, and adding a vest over it provides for extra warmth and style.

Black and grey cold shoulder long sleeve- LuLu’s

Green army vest- Nordstrom

Light wash jeans- Flying Monkey

Black booties- Nordstrom



Cute, casual and comfy are key to Tuesday’s look. This effortless outfit could be for anyone who is in a rush and still wants to look on trend.

Printed Flannel- LuLu’s

High waisted ripped jeans- Flying Monkey

Black slip on sneakers- Vans

Choker- Brandy Melville



As the temperature drops, you can still look fashionable while keeping warm. Darker fall and winter colors, like an army green, give off a cozy, warm vibe during the cold.

Patched army jacket- LuLu’s

Half flannel knit sweater- Denny’s

Black distressed jeans- Flying Monkey

Chokers- Brandy Melville



The cold mornings, and warm afternoons can be problematic when picking out an outfit. Paring a light sweater with short sleeves is an easy go to during weather like this.

Black sweater- LuLu’s

Laced up tee- LuLu’s

Ripped Jeans- Flying Monkey

Sneakers- Converse high tops


It’s the end of the week and an outfit like this is perfect for when you want to go out after school and be comfy but still fashionable.


Thick long sleeve- LuLu’s

Patched jeans- LuLu’s

Sneakers- Converse high tops


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