The Glass Castle Book Review

“The Glass Castle” is a book about persevering, adventure, and hardships. Although you may be put off by the title, “The Glass Castle” it is an amazing memoir written by Jeannette Walls about her family and her unhinged childhood. Jeanette Walls is an incredible writer who was brave enough to write a memoir about her life with her unstable parents. Whether it was not having somewhere to sleep, or not having food for days on end, Jeannette and her siblings persevered. As they got older, Jeannette and her siblings took on different jobs to save money so they could get away from their parents and move to New York. This memoir will amaze you in many ways, whether it’s what the children went through, or the choices the parents made. I would definitely recommend “The Glass Castle” for anyone who is in high school or older, to learn about experiences unlike your own.


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