In Cold Blood Book Review

In Cold Blood Book Review

 In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is the story of a murder is based on real-life events and is one of the most popular “True Crime” novels. 

Something compelling about this book is Capote can keep you interested throughout the entire book although, a few pages in, we know who the killers are. Along with this, Capote flips back and forth with the timeline which keeps you invested in how the murders were planned and how the murderers got to the small town of Holcomb. 

Capote’s style of writing is very different from other novels you have most likely read but you can almost imagine the things he describes as movies in your mind. What makes the murder in the novel so pressing is no one understands a motive behind wanting to kill the Clutter Family because to everyone in their town, they seem perfectly normal. 

Without a true MO, it seems unclear as to what they had done. Everyone in the town is truly hurt by the death of the Clutter family because they were role models to many other people in Holcolm and on the outside looking in, they seemed to have the perfect family. 

The killers, Dick and Perry, don’t get caught directly after the murders and we think for a second that they might get away but luckily there is a living witness who can prove them guilty. Through this, Capote dives into the psychological aspects of Dick and Perry and what could be the reason they were shaped into murderers. 

Overall, In Cold Blood is a book that captures your attention from the jump and keeps you interested throughout the entire novel. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see the mind behind a criminal or is interested in general murder stories. 


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