Eleanor and Park Book Review

Jenna Conza, Copy Editor

Eleanor & Park is a young adult novel that takes place in Omaha, Nebraska.The book is written by Rainbow Rowell, and was published in 2012. When two young teenagers with two completely different upbringings come together. 

Eleanor stands out from the rest of the students based on her appearance, she is “big and awkward”, and wears men’s clothing with a load of unusual accessories. Eleanor is extremely intelligent, however she has a troubled home life. Eleanor unfortunately lives in poverty with her mother, abusive alcoholic stepfather and her four younger siblings. 

Unlike Eleanor, Park’s home life is more comfortable. With parents that have a loving relationship and are very welcoming. Park is a young Aisan – American, which is rare for a place like Omaha, he enjoys music and comic books. Yet Park still feels pressure at home, since his dad wants him to be more masculine and Park believes he is letting him down. 

Eleanor & Park met because of the seating arrangements on their school bus, their ‘relationship’ started off silent. To recommending music to listen to and comic books to read. To having deep and meaningful conversations with each other. Overall the book really shows the differences of what teenagers go through during school, and in their home lives. It shows a great contrast of the different and complex home lives these teenagers have, yet the connection of the two and the strong feelings they have for each other withstand their differences and further deepen their relationship.

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