“Soul” Has Got a Lot of Soul: Disney Plus’ New Hit!


Disney’s Newest-The movie “Soul” explores the deep concept of the meaning of life.

Jenna Conza, Copy Editor

Over the holiday break, Disney Plus released it’s newest Pixar movie “Soul”, starring Jamie Foxx as the lead and many more familiar actors and actresses like Tina Fey, Questlove, and Angela Bassett. Pixar Animation Studios takes the audience on a journey from the streets of New York City to the realms of the afterlife, and life’s most unanswered question.
Joe Gardner, the young jazz pianist, finally lands the “biggest” gig of his life. But unfortunate luck and one wrong step leads Joe into the afterlife. Landing himself in the “Great Before.” Joe teams up with one of the many young souls, 22. Along the journey to help 22 find their “spark”, Joe ends up realizing his choices and the things he took for granted.
The journey allows 22 to think positively about themselves for the first time. 22, the younger soul, truly believes they don’t have a purpose in life. Yet after experiencing everything with Joe, 22 wants nothing more than to finally live on Earth and find the true meaning of life.
Through a topsy turvy journey, Joe and 22 do their best to get back home. Their hijinks are met with some humorous moments, a touching family reunion, and a discussion about one’s true purpose in one of the most unexpected places: a barber shop.
Some parents think the movie was lovely but should have an age factor to it. There is a discussion as to if children won’t understand what message the movie is trying to give due to it’s imagery of the afterlife. “I thought the movie was great and had a meaningful message behind it, but I do think most children will have a hard time trying to understand it. So I think there should be some sort of age restriction,” MHS parent, Lisa Conza has stated.
“Soul” explores the idea of the meaning of life and what life without a purpose truly is. The movie sends a message to both its younger and older audiences to appreciate yourself, and truly appreciate the gift of life.


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