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Miss Saigon

Leah Johnston, Copy Editor

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It’s 1975 in Saigon, Vietnam. War has stuck the country and has left most citizens living in poverty. Many young women have no choice but to work in brothels to get by. These are places where American soldiers spend their free time to escape the troubles of war.

This is how lovers Chris and Kim meet in the tragic love story, ‘Miss Saigon.’ The revival of this classic story has recently hit the Broadway stage and, once again, is able to captivate audiences. Touching and heartbreaking, the show left the audience in awe.

The story revolves around a 17 year old girl named Kim, played by Eva Noblezada, who has recently lost her entire family and is forced to work in a bar called ‘Dreamland.’ In the opening scene, it is Kim’s first night on the job and, although intimidated by the other girls, she soon learns the terror they each face.

An American soldier named Chris, played by Alistair Brammer, meets Kim and spends the night with her. This is the beginning of the end for Kim and Chris.

The two quickly fall in love but Chris is forced to return quickly to America without notifying Kim. The audience later learns that Kim is actually pregnant with a boy when Chris leaves. Chris does not know this, and Kim has no way of sharing the news with him. It is not until three years later, when Chris has settled down with a wife, that he finds out.

In a tragic ending, Chris comes to meet Tam, his three year old son. At first unaware, Kim soon finds out that Chris has brought his wife, Ellen, played by Katie Rose Clarke.

Devastated and still in love with Chris, she asks Ellen to take Tam back with them to America so he can have a good life. The show closes with a distraught Chris finding Kim after committing suicide.

Not one person of the audience was left dry-eyed at the end of the play. The sad ending had come as a shock to most.

Despite the sudden ending, the musical was amazingly put together with a talented cast, orchestra, and crew. Each set was created with detail and skill, and the show wouldn’t be the same without the endless music.

It should also be noted that the entirety of the show was music. Every line was sung by actors rather than spoken, making it a true musical.

‘Miss Saigon’ was first premiered in 1989 and the recent revival has satisfied many long-time and new fans. The musical was nominated for many awards, including Best Musical Revival and Best Actress: Eva Noblezada in the Tony Awards.

Although the show would be Rated-R if it were a movie, it was well done and a must see.


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Miss Saigon