Running Onto Smartphones: A ‘Super Mario Run’ Review

Illustration by Ryan Stapleton

Ryan Stapleton, Staff Writer

Super Mario has always been played and enjoyed on Nintendo consoles, from the arcade classics Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. to the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario Bros. to the more recent Wii with Super Mario Galaxy and the Wii U with Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Maker.

This time around, Mario has jumped into our phones and tablets in Nintendo’s new hit, Super Mario Run. In this game, Mario will run automatically and the player will tap on the screen to make him jump. Mario can pull off some new moves, such as automatically vaulting over small enemies and grabbing edges. As usual, Bowser is up to his usual princess-kidnapping shenanigans.

The game lets you play three levels for free and then one payment of $9.99 is needed to get the rest. As you collect coins in the game, you can build up your kingdom with houses and decorations.  

In the multiplayer mode titled Toad Rally, players face off against people and must collect as many coins as they can, all while utilizing Mario’s new moves to impress more Toads.

The highest score determines the winner. Having a certain amount of a certain color of Toads can unlock 3 of the 6 playable characters, which are Yoshi, Luigi, and Toadette. Beating all of the levels will unlock Princess Peach and linking a My Nintendo account will unlock Toad.

The game in and of itself is very fun. It is a good time killer and compels you to play more often. The game’s only faults are that the full story mode costs a significant amount of money and the fact that you need tickets to play Toad Rally.

Super Mario Run lives up to its console predecessors and if you love Mario, you should Toad-ally get this game. Super Mario Run is currently available on all iOS devices and will be released for Android devices in February or March.

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